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Teresa Patch TweedToomeyhats was formed with the sole purpose of producing traditional hats from Ireland and England. Both countries have a rich tradition of hat wearing. Our designers have strived to make their products retain a bygone authenticity, whilst making them suitable for modern day sport and pleasure.

We feel that the majority of our hats can be worn by both males and females. However, where necessary, we have produced specific female hats.

Our aim is to produce products from both countries. Irish products will have the finest wool and tweed and in a similar vein we will only use regional tweeds for our English hats.

Our hats are produced by established regional hat makers, ( who must have at least three generations in the business), to our specification and design. Our policy is traditional handmade products, using regional materials and regional workforces; we do not condone any importation of materials for the production of our hats.

Buying a Toomey Hat couldn’t be easier. PLEASE TRY SEE OUR SPECIAL OFFER PAGE.

It is with great regret that we inform you that we are winding down our business.  We have encountered difficulties in finding person of the high skill required to produce our products.

Cheap imports from overseas are the main problem. They do not have the quality tweed we use in their products but likely customers are unaware of this.

We will do hope you may see a bargain and good luck to you if you wear a Toomey hat


Small 56cms
Medium 58cms
Large 60cms
Ex/Large 62cms

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